6G Electromagnetic Waves

The world’s first expertise for consecutively manufacturing epsilon iron oxide that may take in millimeter waves with a excessive coercive pressure equal to that of neodymium magnets has been developed by a analysis group.

KIMS developed the world’s first steady manufacturing expertise for millimeter wave-absorbing magnetic supplies.

A analysis group led by Dr. Youn-kyoung Baek and Dr. Jung-goo Lee succeeded in creating the world’s first expertise to consecutively manufacture epsilon iron oxide that may take in millimeter wave with a excessive coercive pressure equal to that of neodymium (Nd) magnets. The researchers are within the Division of Magnetic Supplies in Powder Supplies Division on the Korea Institute of Supplies Science (KIMS), a government-funded analysis institute below the Ministry of Science and ICT.

Iron oxide materials with a high-coercive epsilon crystal section is nearly the one magnetic materials that absorbs ultra-high frequencies which is a possible 6G frequency band. Till now, it was solely shaped in a nano-sized particle of fifty nanometers or much less. Japan succeeded to provide pure epsilon iron oxide via batch-type moist course of, nevertheless it entails time-consuming multi-stage course of, leading to a low yield.

Manufacturing Process of Epsilon Iron Oxide

Consecutive manufacturing means of epsilon iron oxide. Credit score: Korea Institute of Supplies Science (KIMS)

The analysis group adopted the aerosol course of to resolve the low-yield drawback and succeeded in producing a composite powder during which epsilon iron oxide nanoparticles are embedded in silica particles by spray-drying precursor options in a sizzling chamber. When the precursor materials resolution is repeatedly injected and the droplets are immediately dried, the iron precursor is trapped within the silica xerogel particles and restricted to develop throughout warmth therapy. Epsilon iron oxide nanoparticles could possibly be repeatedly produced via a micrometer-sized powder manufacturing course of, which is critical because it confirmed the potential for commercialization of millimeter wave absorbing supplies.

Whereas standard metals that take in electromagnetic waves have decreased absorption capability in high-frequency bands or have limitations in controlling frequency bands, epsilon iron oxide has excessive potential as a fabric for future communication components as a consequence of its absorption capability within the ultra-high frequency (30-200GHz) band. Steady manufacturing expertise of epsilon iron oxide with millimeter wave absorption functionality can be utilized for mm-wave 5G/6G wi-fi communication, radar sensors for driverless automobile, stealth and low-orbit satellite tv for pc communication elements. As well as, as it’s a high-coercivity magnetic materials, it may be used for electrical motor components for future mobility.

Epsilon Iron Oxide Properties

The form, magnetic properties and electromagnetic wave absorption properties of the epsilon iron oxide. Credit score: Korea Institute of Supplies Science (KIMS)

Presently, no corporations commercially produce merchandise with utilized magnetic supplies able to absorbing mm waves. Solely two or three corporations within the US, Japan, and Germany produce 5G band absorbing and shielding supplies. The expertise developed by researchers at KIMS is anticipated to be localized and exported to the worldwide market sooner or later.

Principal investigator Dr. Youn-kyoung Baek mentioned, “The epsilon iron oxide can selectively take in ultra-high frequencies in a large band (30 to 200 GHz). The importance of the research is that it developed the primary steady manufacturing means of epsilon iron oxides. The expertise is anticipated to speed up the commercialization of wi-fi communication units utilizing millimeter waves, self-driving automobile radars, and absorber expertise for house satellite tv for pc communication sooner or later.”

The analysis was carried out as a undertaking to develop magnetic composite Supplies with tunable magnetic performances of KIMS and funded by the Ministry of Science and ICT. As well as, the analysis was revealed in Chemical Communications, a famend tutorial journal in supplies science revealed by the Royal Society of Chemistry within the UK on September twenty third. Presently, the analysis group is discussing expertise switch for mass manufacturing of iron oxide absorbing supplies with many corporations, and is conducting a follow-up research to enhance wave absorption capability to terahertz which is 100 gigahertz (GHz) or increased.

Reference: “Facile synthesis of epsilon iron oxides by way of spray drying for millimeter-wave absorption” by Gi Ryeon Jo, Min Byeol Yun, Yeong Hun Son, Byeongjin Park, Jung-Goo Lee, Younger-Guk Kim, Younger-Guk Son and Youn-Kyoung Baek, 23 September 2022, Chemical Communications.
DOI: 10.1039/D2CC03168J

Funding: Ministry of Science and ICT

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